Dinotrux or D-Structs

Dinotrux is an animated series in Netflix set at a prehistoric world inhabited by hybrid characters that are part dinosaur and part mechanical construction vehicle.  The story revolves around two leaders – Ty, a red Tyrannosaurus Trux, is the leader of the Dinotrux, and the evil Tyrannosaurus Trux named D-Structs.  Ty and his team focus on working together and building up structures that improve their living conditions while D-Structs destroys and wants the whole crater for himself.   My son Etan loves this series.  His collection of die cast Dinotrux characters is almost complete.

I believe in life there are just two sides: whether you are building or you are destructing.  In social media, you can see a lot of bashing, cursing, blaming and tearing people down.  At the same time, there are also people posting inspiring quotes, uplifting stories of hope and love.

When people bash, curse or blame, I hope people would think first and ask ‘What is it that I really want?’  And also ‘What do I want to happen for this person?’  Sometimes we are quick to say what we don’t want.  Maybe it is time to self reflect and know what do we want.

Bashing, cursing and blaming are cognitive distortions.  We bash because we think we are right and people are wrong.  Our belief, our religion, we believe is the only one and the rest are flawed.  We filter quickly based on our beliefs without understanding other beliefs. And your beliefs form your reality.  We bash because our reality is threatened.  We insist that what is real for us should remain real.  What we need to do is to open our mind and understand more.  Life is not about being right or wrong. It is just your ego that is telling you that you should be right always.

We curse because we believe life should be fair.  We believe that bad people should be punished and good people should be rewarded.  But the reality is life is unfair.  We have a merciful God.  Storms, typhoons wash away people without any regard whether they are robbers or priests.  Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people.  Life is really unfair.  But then, why do we need it to be fair?  Let’s think about it.

We blame because we don’t want to take responsibility.  We don’t see ourselves part of one nation.  We’d rather sit on the sidewalk and tell our government how stupid they are, how our President speaks so lousy, everything about our government is wrong – except us.  We need to start owning up to our problems.  Stop blaming our government, your parents, your neighbor for your miseries.  You are poor, miserable and bitter because that is how you reacted to the things that happened to you.  Blaming is disempowering.  It disempowers you.  You are denying yourself the power to change.  And because you denied yourself, you stagnate.

Life is about love.  In the end, the only question we need to answer is ‘ how much love did we give?’  Building people up is love.  Telling people ‘kaya mo yan‘ is love.  Forgiving is love.  Understanding people is love.  Taking responsibility is love.  Spreading inspiring messages is love.  Every word we utter, every thought we cultivate, every act we do,  everyday, every moment is an opportunity to love.

The next time you post on social media or talk to anyone, don’t be D-Structs that tear people down but be Ty, the loving Dinotrux that builds people up.