Life Stewardship

People work hard to acquire the things that they need and want.  Work consumes most of our time to buy properties for our family, cars so that we can go to places we want to go, we build businesses to create wealth, etc.

We take pride on the things we have but the truth is, none of these we can bring when we die.  This makes us stewards not owners of the things and wealth that we created.

I find this fascinating because the more I understand this concept, the more I understand that we have nothing to lose.  If we have nothing to lose then why are we so afraid in doing the things we need to do?

By accepting that we are all stewards, the focus shifts to management not on ownership.  If we think in terms of ownership, we tend to keep it to ourselves, put boundaries and barriers.  But if we think in terms of management, we will think of optimization, rationalization, sustainability, and succession.  We will ask questions like: how can I take care of the blessings that have been entrusted to me?  How can I use my time, talent and treasure in order for those who are in the dark will see the light, those who are hungry will be fed, those who are insecure will have confidence, those who seek for love will realize that they have been and always will be loved.

We all came into this world naked and we will all die naked.  We are all passers by.

French-born American missionary, Etienne de Grellet, once said, ” I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now.  Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

Don’t wait for tomorrow to come.  Today is a great time to be a brave steward.


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