The Little Things

I just came from an online supporters night with Bro. Bo and Marowe Sanchez and the topic was about the secret of little things that make your marriage great.

Inspired by that conversation, here is my top 5 list of the little things I do to express my love to my wife Weng.

1. I hold my hunger to have breakfast with her

I am an early riser. I normally wake up at around 4:30 in the morning. I would usually go down to my office and start my day. My wife normally wakes up at 7AM. By the time she goes down to have breakfast, it would be around 7:30AM and I would be very hungry. Over the years I have managed my hunger because the pleasure of having breakfast with my lovely wife always outweigh whatever pain I feel in my stomach.

2. I drive her to work

Every Tuesday and Saturday, my wife goes to Manila to see her students at Trails. That is roughly around 20 kilometers from our house in Laguna. My wife is not really fond of driving and neither do I. But knowing that it would be a long day for her, I would always drop whatever I’m doing just to drive her to work. Sometimes it is a big effort on my part, especially during Saturdays. You see every Saturday early morning, it is my time to play basketball with my neighbors. But no matter how enjoyable it is to play basketball, I still choose to serve my wife.

3. I drop her off the entrance of a mall

When we go a mall or watch a movie, I usually drop her off on the mall entrance before driving the car to the parking lot. I do this so that she doesn’t have to walk far. If I know what she needs to do or buy in the mall, I would drop her off on the nearest entrance to where that store is.

4. I say I love you to her when I wake up in the morning and before I go to sleep

Saying I love you everyday is like renewing my vow every single day. Words are powerful. There are time that I don’t feel like saying it, but when I do, it changes my perspective and it reminds me that whatever differences we may have, love wins.

5. I take the smaller or lesser part

Every time we eat and there are two pieces left on the serving plate, I take the smaller or lesser part. If there are 2 hard boiled eggs left, I would get the imperfect one (the one whose white flesh was also taken when they removed the shell), if there are 2 fried chickens, I would get the neck or the smaller insignificant piece, Even in gadgets, my wife gets to use the latest gadget first.

My wife and I have been subscribers of a telco for many years and usually we get the new phone that comes along with our lock in contract every 2 years. Mid last year, both of us were using iPhone 6 but I was already due for a new one while her contract would end this year May. My phone had only 16gb of storage so it was already occasionally failing and slow. When we went to the telco store and inquired about my contract, the telco staff told me that I was eligible for an iPhone 8 plus with 64GB capacity. What an upgrade! So I renewed my contract and got the new phone. When we arrived home, I gave it to my wife. She goes first.

So there you go my top 5 little things I do for my wife.

How about you? What are your 5 little things that you do to your spouse, or fiance or partner?

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  1. Wow! Thank you Mr.Ynion…Now, i feel really special, though i know im the most special person to my husband, and yes, because of the above little things that he does for me and more…but mind you, these are not little things for us! These little things? make us whole, make us feel special and make us feel loved and i thank God everyday for my husband as i’m sure your wife too. Isn’t it a BIG thing?!

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