Eat My Flesh

I am a big fan of Michael Jordan. I watched hundreds of Bulls games in the 90s and even taking a leave at work just to watch the Finals. I watched all his documentary films, read books about him and copied some of his moves especially the turnaround fadeaway jump shot that I perfected. Swish! Nothing but net. So when I step into the basketball court, I think and act like Michael Jordan. My game tremendously improved when I started copying his moves. In terms of basketball, I ate Michael Jordan.

In living, you need to be careful on what you eat because you become what you eat.

Physically, if you eat junk food, processed food, and lechon regularly then you become unhealthy, overweight and susceptible to all sorts of diseases. But if you take care of your body and eat the right food, then you become healthy and strong.

Mentally, what type of thoughts do you entertain? What books do you read? What films do you watch? Who are the people whom you listen to? Take note of these things. If you watch trash news, pornographic films or tambay ka sa kalye (you watch the world go by along the side street), then you are essentially feeding your mind with trash, vices or just plain nothing if you are tambay sa kalye. Our mind is like a computer (well computers were patterned after the mind) – garbage in garbage out. Check your actions, how do you respond to this and that, and check the words that come out of your mouth. Reaction is an inside job.

Spiritually, what are your beliefs? Do you believe in God or do you see yourself as the center of the universe?

When Jesus said, “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, abides in me and I in him”, Jesus was inviting us to follow Him and to be like Him because whoever do so will have eternal life. This is the symbolic meaning of the Eucharistic communion that we feed on Jesus allowing Him to penetrate into our lives.

Fr. Domie Guzman said it best, “The perfection of Christian life is to be another Christ.”

I have been following Jesus more intently for the past five years now and I must say that my life has become infinitely better.

People are always looking for answers. Everyday, we look for answers to improve our finances, to mend a broken heart, or to fix a relationship. Kung saan saan tayo tumitingin ng sagot (We look for answers elsewhere) wherein the only answer to our problems is to follow Jesus.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I must admit that I never understood this passage before. Now I know and I am a living witness to His awesome glory.

If you are not yet a follower of Christ, I invite you to be one. Following Christ takes time. Following Him doesn’t even promise that you will have lesser problems or lesser stress. But you will experience enlightenment. Your perspective will widen and you become better in handling problems and stress. In following Him, there will be times you have doubts and entertain giving up. When this happens, just be comforted by the thought that you are following the right Way.

Faith, Purpose

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