When you watch pop stars perform on stage, you become slave to the music. You’re captivated by the moment that would last a lifetime. The last time I watched a concert was when the Corrs performed here in Manila. (I am hopeful for a reunion soon.). That was maybe 15 years ago. I don’t really remember the date but I can vividly recall the experience.

I truly believe all of us were born to be a star. All of us are meant to shine. If this is so, why is it that some people, in spite of working so hard never really found their light to shine. I think one of the problems is in choosing the right platform or stage.

Choosing the right platform is choosing the environment that you think will help you shine. Environment includes the people around you, the nature of business you are in, and the systems that allow you to interact with other people.

A long time ago I was connected to a company that was into rentals. We had several houses and apartments that were for rent. I worked as an Accountant and every month we went out to collect rent. It was paying me handsomely for such an easy job. After a few months, I left the company. It took a hit on my finances. During that time, I was about to get married and hardly had enough savings to pay for the reception so I sold my car and paid the wedding bills just in time.

Looking back, that was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Though the work was paying me good money, the environment did not give me any space for creativity and explore new things.

Five years later, I worked with the largest shipping company in the Philippines at that time. Initially, I worked as an Auditor. I did not shine as an Auditor but the environment gave me the opportunity to explore new things. After two years, they transferred me to IT then as Innovation Manager. The thing was, there was no existing Innovation Manager position. They just created it for me. I was on a roll but unfortunately, the owners had to sell the company after 100 years for a good reason. So I left too.

You can be in the same situation that I was in before. You can be in a job that is not harnessing your true potential. I suggest that you evaluate your environment, know the values of the owners and know the mission of the company by heart. If these things do not agree with your internal compass, it is time to move on. Do not hang on to your monthly income. Money will follow if you are doing what you do best.

My Dad is a retired ship captain. For years, he commanded very large container ships, carriers and others. He is very well respected by his peers. He became an examiner in a professional regulating body in the Philippines. He became a superintendent of a Maritime Academy. He is a best selling author also. In the picture are the books he wrote. The books have been distributed worldwide and have been read by thousands of sailors around the world.

At a very young age, my Dad already knew what he wanted to do. He was fascinated with ships as a youngster and adored the sailors every time a ship docks on the port in his hometown in Iloilo. My Dad knew what his platform was, stuck with it and became a star.

Ask yourself this question. Are you on the right platform?


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  1. How I wish I could have all the copies of the books relating to ships navigation, these helps me alot

    Best regards,


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