Be a Role Model

My son, Etan, is a hyperactive and intelligent young boy.  He never seizes to amaze us.  He has a new antic everyday. One day, he said he is a tiger.  So everytime he comes up to me and he makes this roaring sound, I react as if I was afraid.  The next day, he said he is the Dragon Warrior so he would climb up the bed and beat me up.

Obviously, my son got this from YouTube and Nickelodeon.  He absorbs everything like a sponge, even the words that we speak and our mannerisms.  Knowing this is how it works, we are very careful with our words and actions in the house.

My wife and I, whether we like it or not, are role models to our son.  Probably, more so on me because he is a boy.  Having said that, I need to be a good role model to my son.

I dream for my son to grow up and live to be a true Christian. True to his name, I wish for him to become a loving, compassionate, and caring person.  He can pursue whatever dream he wants.  I will support him. But for now, I have to exhibit these qualities because I will model them for him.

If you are a parent, a teacher, a leader in a company, or there are people reporting to you, you are always on stage. You have influence on people. By thinking that you need to be a role model is a way of accepting the responsibility of giving the right influence to these people. If you have vices like smoking or drinking, have the courage to kick those habits if you don’t want your kids to acquire those habits.

Be a good influence on people. Be a role model.


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