Visualize your Dream

Yesterday morning, I played basketball in a pick up game for the first time since my Mom died last July.  I slowed down by several steps.  I could hardly run back for defense.  But amazingly, I scored maybe half of my team’s score!  The touch and the range are still there.  There was a time in the game I hit 4 consecutive 3-point shots.

How did this happen?  Luck?  No such thing.  The answer is visualization.

That’s correct.  Visualization.  There is no other factor.  During that 8-month lay off from the basketball court, I constantly visualize shooting the ball and imagining the ball swishing the net.  I’m an avid GS Warriors fan and a Steph Curry fan.  So when I was playing, I imagined myself as Steph Curry shooting the ball.  The quick release, the high arching trajectory, the follow through…all that copied to perfection.  (My team lost that pick up game.  Maybe next time, I should visualize also defending like Draymond Green.)

Visualization is very important.  You need to visualize your dream.  If you dream of having a house, start visualizing the bedroom, the porch, the living room, the garage, and how the frontage will look like. Does it have a lawn where you can have barbecue with the family? The more detailed you think about it, the better and the higher the likelihood that it will happen.

Visualization is like a signal you send to the universe that you want this.  If you are in a pizza restaurant, you don’t just order a pizza.  The waiter will then ask you, what kind? Thin? Pan? What size? Do you want extra cheese? pepperoni?  You have to be specific.  Once the universe knows what you want, it will arrange things to make sure it will deliver your dream.

But unlike a restaurant, the universe will not hand over your dream in a silver platter. Arranging takes time and involves your participation.  The universe will probably set up the people who can help you with your dream so you need to meet those people and interact with them.  The universe will probably point you to a book or a literary material.  The reason you are reading my blog is because the universe wants you to visualize your dream.  You need to be cognizant.  You need to always watch out because the universe will throw the things that you need.  If you don’t catch it, you get delayed.

To help me visualize my dreams, I use a clear book.   All my dreams are there and every morning I read it, I stare at the pictures, I meditate on it, I pray over it.

I have been using this technique for three years now and it has worked for me incredibly.

Now it’s your turn.  Go, visualize your dream.

Mission, Purpose

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